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As a writer and teacher I am an interesting combination of art, spirituality, science and common sense. I am a colorful person that has quite extensive experience in these fields. I have ten years of education from the University of Oslo, and more than ten years experience from working in theatre as a writer, director and actor. I have published more than twenty-five books in Norway and Denmark in a variety of topics and areas. I have also worked consistently with spiritual development since 1980, but to talk about experience in common sense terms may be different. It might help to explain that I am a Taurus, and that I have been able to live and support myself and my family (wife and parrot) solely through my spiritual and artistic work since 1982. Besides being an astrologer and tarot reader, I am an educated fire-walk instructor and do a lot of artistic painting on woodwork.


But after all, I believe that the most interesting part about me is not what I have done, but who I am as a person, living on the planet of earth, here and now. I am one of Norway's most acknowledged astrologers. I am very well known and respected in the professional astrological environment in Scandinavia, and by far the most widely published writer in those countries. The fact that I started, and have lead Norway's first, and for 15 years only Astrology School also gives me much credit and respect. Since 2008 I have given a yearly intensive training in spiritual astrology for beginners and professional astrologers alike. This education is giving people the skills to supervise their clients around the intention of their soul with this incarnation.


Part of the literature used in this class is a book that I have written which became published in 2011. The title is you are borne to love. The book does give a ten step recipe for creating and living a life of fulfilled and abundant love. These steps are based on the spiritual significance of the planets and their placement and relationships in our solar system. The other basic book is my complete book of spiritual astrology, first published by Llewellyn in 2008.


Phone: (47) 93420205


30 years of experience as an Astrological Consultant.

20 years’ experience as Leader of an Astrological School.

Lectured and held workshops all around for the last 20 years. A partial list below:


·         Ekliptica, Denmark (The one major astrological association in Denmark/Copenhagen) ten lectures.

·         Ekliptica, Odense, five lectures.

·         DAF, the other major astrological asociation in Denmark, about five lectures.

·         The Astrological Association in Stockholm, about five lectures.

·         Urania Trust in London.

·         National Council for Geocosmic Research, New York Chapter.

·         The Annual Astrological Congress by the Norwegian Astrological Association, 5 lectures.

·         Eclipticas Congress in Copenhagen, Two lectures.

·         Major Congress for the Astrologers of Stockholm.

·         Summer Congress for the Jubileum of the Nordic School of Astrology in Oslo.

·         Norwegian Astrological Association at least 20 lectures.

·         Giving a one year education in spiritual astrology in Norway and Denmark since 2010.

·         Speaking at the Bali congress of Astrology & Transformation in 2011

·         Etcetera


I have been editor and co-editor for various astrological and alternative magazines.

A Major in Science of Theatre from the University of Oslo.

Minors in history of Religion, Sociology and Pedagogy


As a Norwegian I believe that my Norwegian and Viking heritage may be an advantage, especially since I have an education in Nordic mythology. I am recognized throughout Europe as an astrologer, lecturer and published author.


I am very willing to travel to give lectures or workshops, which I commonly do throughout Europe and Diana Brownstone and I am in the process of looking to set some of these up in the U.S.


I of course speak fluently Norwegian, in a broad variety of different dialects if necessary.


I speak fluently in English, although with a distinct Nordic accent (which can be varied according to different Norwegian dialects... for fun).


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The complete book of spiritual astrology

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The book is available; both in paper and as e-book through
Buy the book through Llewellyn bookstore.

Most books about spiritual astrology are connected with Alice Bailey's concept of Esoteric Astrology. My book has a totally different starting point. It goes right to the essence of spirituality and life (which are, as far I am concerned, the same). It connects spirituality with common sense and puts it in a context of using this spirituality in everyday life. It also gives a totally new insight into the development of the soul and finding the soul's intention, through the horoscope. The book shows the connection between the ego and the soul, and how they need each other to manifest their purposes and intentions.

The book also gives some insight into the workings of time, and gives the reader a clear-cut understanding of why astrology is in fact the science of time. It adds a new dimension to astrology. This is a dimension that has never before been explained so clearly. It also delineates a system that makes it so easy not only to understand, but also to use in astrological work with spiritually inclined clients.

Editorial Reviews:

"Per Henrik Gulfoss speaks a universal yet strangely accessible language that seamlessly blends astrology, poetry and philosophy. His words flow across the page like haunting notes of music and stay with you like a song you never forget. Whether you're a seasoned professional or this is your first moment in astrology, make sure his book is in your library."
- Michael Lutin, author of SunShines: The Astrology of Being Happy

"Wisdom from the North . . . Per Henrik Gullfoss brings to astrology the clarity, depth, and beauty of the fjords of his native land. This is a lovely addition to everyone's astrological library as it captures many of the essentials of our symbolic language through a lens that is anchored in the heart and soul of the author."
- Alan Oken, author of Soul-Centered Astrology


Written over 25 books, which are published in Norway and Denmark.

Astrological Books

Spiritual Astrology - new dimensions for a new millennium
english language
Publisher: Gullfoss/Norway (not available to public)

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The Adventurous World of Astrology
Zosma/Denmark: Orion/Norway

Sjelens Stjernetegn (Måneknuten)
Zosma/Denmark: Orion/Norway

Your Starsign
Zosma/Denmark: Orion/Norway

The Twelve Starsigns

When Stars Meet

Astrology & Energy
Zosma/Denmark: Bifrost/Norway

The Eye of Odin
Zosma/Denmark: Bifrost/Norway

Aspects in Astrology

The Big Book of Wisdom
Subtitle: All you need to know about: Love, sex, work, fear, friend, jewels, relatives, games, children, economy, opera, vanity, totem animals, literature, holidays, food, wine, hatred, art, jealousy, sounds, hygiene, emotions and a lot more, based on astrology. (In fact this is a very funny book, which is superb in a social context -- especially for non - astrologers...)
Kagge Forlag/Norway

Astrological Birthday Book
Kagge Forlag Norway

A series of twelve smaller books about each Starsign
Orion/ Norway

I have also written two books about Tarot.

How To Learn Tarot
Orion/Norway: Zosma Denmark

Tarot And Intentions Of The Soul

And four books in a series called "The Art of..." :

The Art of Being Unuseful

The Art of Building Ones Own God

The Art of Doing Right in a Wrong World

The Art of Really Being Alive

All these books are published by Ildsjelen/Norway, and are on their way to being published by Zosma (Denmark)

When the tyrant cast its chain

My two latest published books are:

You are borne to love ( Norway ( 2010)

The history of the soul ( Norway 2011)


Other Books:
Three children's books published about the Dracula fly. The starting point for these books is the birth of a fly born with a pair of exceptional long teeth.
These books are written in rhyme and beautifully illustrated.

Presently I am working on The Complete Book of Spiritual Tarot, and Spiritual Tales for The New Earth.

Blessings and love,
Per Henrik Gullfoss

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